Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good bye 2009 and welcome 2010

A lot of things happen in 2009 which will stay in my memories forever, such as the graduation ceremony which mark the end of my studies ( wish not ), right after that got call for a job, game of paintball, futsal tournoment and etc....

however towards the end of the 2009 year, a sad thing happen, as my grandfather was admitted to GH as he was not feeling very well. My uncles, my father and me taking turn of staying overnight in hospital to take care of him. As time passes by, a lot of treatment has been done to make him to recover back to normal stated. However as was told all the reading was going back to normal and that reading shows that he should be getting better, but till nw we still not sure whats going wrong...:(, was very sad to see him laying there on the bed which limited time of visiting hours, but we get some permission to stay overnight from a doctor due to undisclosed reason.

any way,
Say good bye to the year 2009 and welcome the roaring year 2010. Wish u all a vy happy new and may this year bring good fortune to u all.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya....^^

Selamat Hari raya......people..hope that this raya will bring joy and happenese to all. Would like to take this opportunity to say maaf zahir dan batin to my parents, my grandparents, my relatives, my freinds near and far, and to those who know me....selamat hari raya, hope ur all get more..ang pows this year...alamak, now is my turn to give...=p..hehe....


Monday, August 3, 2009

Finaly start the next stage of life...

Finally i started my next stage of life which is working life...hhhmm i was wonder how working life would be....time to find out...hope that this new job will give some new experience in life and i guess will miss my study time with the rest of my freinds which they are still continue studing. A lot of people where asking why i didnt want to continue studies, actually i want to continue my studies but due to certain things that is out of my hand that let me think twice to continue studies. I hope that what I have choice now would not be regret it in the future, like old people said, life is a long learning experience and with that phrase I will learn as much as I can as long as I live....Take care n good luck with those who still studies, and for those who already started their work, enjoy ur working enviroment...^^

till later..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a weekend......

OO...what a weekend day play paintball and the next day play futsal tournoment, haha...but its was fun weekend. For the the paintball game we played at the bukit jalil area, its was my first time playing it. The paintball was fun and quite tiring because we need to run and take cover, in other words its also simillar with counter-strike game but this one is real life situation without the real bullets..:P. the only sad thing is i didnt bring my camera with me during playing the paintball game huhuhhu..>_< that game we where divided to 2 groups and we start the game with a simple game, then later the game scenario will changes once we get to used the paintball gun and the game scenario. Overoll, the game was fun, thats if you not being hit or shoot by the opponent team....although wearing the protected vast and the safety mask, if being shoot at the finger or arms is dam pain. since not wearing any protected gear for the hand and arms. OH yea, forgot to mention, during the first game a lot of fiendly fire was at scene, that is due to people try to get used to the scenario and the scene that we playing at the place.

After a day of trying to get some shoots, come the next day that full of reflexes and stamina that we need when playing futsal, hhmm may be more i guess since its was my first futsal game after some few months and i hope that i still got what its take to stand inside the futsal game...:P...oh yea and another thing is, its a futsal charity tournorment organized by my friends. Haha i thought that i already stop my futsal career, but again got a call up to play with my friends was fun and qutie tiring due to lack of fitness, hhmm when is the last time i play a game of futsal...hhmm, any way during the tournoment, our team manage to be the 3rd best team in the tournoment hehehe consider without any training before the tournoment starts. Thanks again guys for inviting me to play futsal tournoment, let me know if there any futsal tournoment that i can join and particitpate it....hehehe....

oo after a full blasts on weekend, going to start my training program with a german base company in janda baik as a management trainee for the next 3 months. welcome to the working life ............

till nexst time======>..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finaly convo...

Finally the day has come ( convocation) where i finish one of the stage in my life which is studies ( i hope not) and will going to the next phase in my life soon which is working life.

Hhhhmmm...I wander how its going be feel like in a working environment, hope is fun place to go, ( in dreams i guess). However, need to find soon since my mom going to be retiring soon. I admired my mom because she work at the same place for the last 36 years, which i found it quite hard to find people that work at the same place as long as they can, oo forget to mention it that is was her first job till she going to be retired soon and can have a long vacation...alright guys and gals all the best for those who still continue with their studies and for those who already finish, sayonara for the our uni life and hello to the working life and by the way, life is a long life studying so we never to old to studies, hehe..enjoy your freedom while still can....hehe..till next time...take care ppl...\(^_^)/..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Book of knowledge......

After some rearranging of my room, I come across my old reading books. All the books is qutie interesting to me once i was a kid. I think i know roughly why i took enginneering course..:P

children craft books, got the whole set of it..

A set of books call the World Book Encyclopedia..
may be not as updates as knw but is was update back then..:p.

books about dinosours....

During that time, I was amaze by the jet engine and aircraft..

books about hows the jet engines work...^^

another book about hows jet engines work..keke..^^

Once I go to uni, then i went to this one of the class that teach about the engines and it was cool and was amaze myself during the class, sad thing about it is not under my course, is under different engineering department and also they have exam paper, but i manage to snick inside the class to see and learn about the enginees and it was cool execpt that u need to seat for the exam, ayaik...:p..any way is was enjoyfull learning it...

Sunday, June 7, 2009


One weekends, my family suddenly out of the blue suggested that they want to make sushi for dinner and I was like hhmm why not...this would be the second time my parent make sushi, they still learn how to make it and perfect the dishes, as i also look and learn on how to make the sushi....:p

Although not much, but its look tasty..nyum..nyum

One of my favourites, inari...

homemade sushi, although not much compare to other places, but homemade still the best....enjoying the fist....:P..